T thief

Decided since it was getting late and I was not especially hungry, that I would feed the dog before her walk tonight.  So I did, then let her food settle and off we went. I felt ready to eat when we got back so I prepared a salad with a couple of slices of cold turkey. To warm me up I decided I would have some oven chips with it and left the salad on the counter till the chips cooked. I sat in the living room with my headphones on listening loudly to Huey Lewis, Gerry Rafferty, Hot Chocolate etc. The wee dog started to nudge me so I thought I might have missed the ‘ping’ of the oven, I went into the kitchen but the oven was still ovening away. The spaniel is a rubbish watchie and never lets me know when someone is at the door but does tell me when the phone / alarm / mobile goes off; anything that rings or beeps (strangely). I sat down and disappeared into my head again and yet again she was nudging me. I decided she was a greedy girl looking for more food and told her off. The chips now ready I went into the kitchen only to discover that the meat on my plate was now on the counter and a full slice of turkey was missing?!!! BLOODY CAT – this is what the dog was trying to tell me – the cat was eating my bleeding tea!!!! (sorry pup) … sigh